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myc singlehandedly proved that fucking unfounded and frankly stupid twef accusation of men appropriating women in order to do horrible, horrible things

not only is this a horrible person, this is an awful awful man who i once considered a friend who gives credibility to a sect of racist and transmisogynist people.

die hard and burn in hell, gay moon fucker

please die

please please die


i think i need to check myself into some sort of………..emergency place. an inpatient clinic?? is that just fancy-talk for rehab?

anyhow i don’t think i’m safe from myself tonight and i need to be monitored but i dont know how to do this and i’m not insured

am i a bad person

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MYC’s politics are ultimate extremely misogynistic and transphobic and put womanhood on a pedestal. She said things solely for the sake of looking like she prioritized women when in reality all she wanted to do was offer womanhood as redemptive for both afab and amab people who had an uncomfortable relationship with their assigned gender. The idea of being a non-binary afab person who identifies with womanhood doesn’t come from her, it comes from a discomfort with cisness that she often exploited, and that her politics themselves exploit, in that she used afab peoples’ fear of being seen as a man against them. Relatedly, she was a major source of all the undue fist-shaking at “afab people” that she all lumped together as transmasculine, and she only praised afab people when they were feminine enough for her approval. Yes, I as a trans woman have something in common with everyone who rejects maleness, but no, I do not feel like that needs to be incentivized in the sinister, disgusting way that MYC incentivized it, picking and choosing which identities and experiences she would deem worthy enough for her to legitimize.

Afab NB womanhood is not illegitimate and to suggest as much just because it’s okay to air grievances about MYC now is absolutely disgusting. You cannot pin everything you dislike on her, nor do you have any right to. It’s wrong anyway, her poltiics did not affirm afab nb girls, they told all afab people they were The Enemy unless and until she told them they weren’t.

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- MIRALLES Fina, Relacions. relacions del cos amb elements naturals: cobriment del cos amb palla, 1975.

Fina Miralles (1950 Spain) studied in Barcelona from 1968 to 1972. Today, she lives and works in Cadaques. Fina Miralles explores the relationships between humans, nature and objects, and analyzes the transformation and alienation of natural objects when taken out of context. She works with different media, including painting, performance and video. She rediscovered painting again in the late 1970s.

Relacions. relacions del cos amb elements naturals: cobriment del cos amb palla(Relationships. Relationships of the body with natural elements. Covering the body with straw) belongs to a subsequent series in which the artist’s body is fused with a range of natural elements, establishing a full identification with it, forming a single unit of interchangeable values revolving around the eternal processes of destruction and rebirth of nature.

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misgendering as a punishment for wrongdoings, particularly wrt trans women, is fucked up, because it normalizes the idea that trans women arent truly women, like, you never misgender a cis woman to punish her

but if said trans woman is trans to escape the culpability of their atrocities because their politics are “terrible man becomes girl because girls dont do things wrong” is it even wrong

i dont give a shit

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die die die die die die die die die die die

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i am going to try and be alone. in the medium term, i am going to be without a place to live. everyone i could trust to fall back on is uncomfortable with me at best. i’m more afraid than anything of being forced into my parents’ care because every indication i get is that in the long run this is going to lead to being institutionalized or detransitioned or both, neither of which i’m prepared to live with.

i will be alive and well at least through november, i promise. until then the handful of you who haven’t unfriended me might want to do so. i’m not safe or healthy. i think if nothing else it’s obvious i’m batshit insane in a way that makes me dangerous

self deprecation will get you nowhere

be alone

die alone and cold and friendless