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Like zines? Like comic books? Like split records (speaking of which check out shelter by ghost mice and ramshackle glory it’s neat)? I’m going for a sort of… combination of the above. Yours truly, entry-level desk worker/slash/breaking-into-the-shit-scene artist “VILE
, is looking to self-publish a “SPLIT COMIC BOOK” of sorts.

"BUN" is an upcoming semi-autobiographical story of a transgender rabbit, haunted by the ghosts of her past, who forms a suicide club with other small woodland creatures.

what am i looking for?

  • ONE (1) ten-to-twenty page one-shot comic book
  • TWO (2) two-to-six page one-shot comic books

The comic book will be like…40-50 pages. Flip it one way and you’ve got Bun and a vignette story, flip it turn-ways and you’ve got the other longer one-shot plus the other vignette story. It’s like taking a Superman comic and supergluing it back-to-back and upside-down to a Spider-Man comic, but way cooler.

The stories I’m particularly interested in are queer, transgender, or feminist themes. Bun is heavily focused on themes including self-discovery, mental illness, experimental narrative/art style, and religion.

Please e-mail me at rosehadley100 (AT) gmail (DOT) com with a one-page sample of your work if you’re interested! please also state whether you’re interested in publishing a vignette or title work.

If you’re not interested in entering a reblog would be appreciated anyway!

(p.s. here’s the original first few pages, illustrated by Alex “Slimegrimer”, content warning for nudity and self harm)

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if shes up all night for good fun

and im up all night to get lucky

then who’s flying the plane…!

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Have you tried waxing? Cheaper than laser, and lasts longer than shaving :)

waxing my face was the most disastrous decision ive ever made

too much hair, too coarse to wax. bloody and removed near nothing and left ingrown hairs for months. the best thing i’ve tried is tweezing but it takes forever. also. ingrown hairs. i’d rather just…not have face hairs and get them lasered off if u feel me

♊ 🎵(Idk if that's the right music not emoji I'm on mobile)

♊ zodiac sign


🎵 song you’re listening to

#armageddon - ajj

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It always amuses me how cis people suddenly think they’re scientists when they’re faced with a trans person.

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>mfw a video game leek seems a little farfetch’d


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Track: UnknownOverpassing
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♪ - song you’re listening to 
♥ - crush 
✔ - single or taken 
✖ - virgin/not virgin 
☀ - sexual orientation 
✌ - favorite color 
✄ - height & weight 
✞ - religious views 
☠ - worst way to die in your opinion 
✰ - bestfriend 
☢ - most embarrassing moment 
❅ - favorite season 
♤ - pet peeves 
♊ - zodiac sign

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how do i do that thing where i get face lasers for cheap. the face lasers that zap your beard off. i have $1k in my ffs fund is that enough. i live in chicago